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Countdown to RWBY Vol. 2

Weapons [1/4]Magnhild, the grenade launching hammer

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the spotlights for the two teams

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The crisis in Gaza is so serious, it can be seen from space

International Space Station astronaut Alexander Gerst has posted his “saddest photo yet.” From all the way up in the thermosphere, ISS personnel orbiting 200 miles over the Middle East can see bombs and missiles exploding in Gaza and Israel as the two sides go to war.

Detailed explanation of the photo | Follow micdotcom 

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"I’d rather be at Comic Con" — Everyone not attending Comic Con (via assilikesbowties)

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Age of Ultron posters from SDCC

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Dancing Superheroes :)

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Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

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Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next at Foam Gallery

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